Best Cameras For Moving Subjects

Photographers who are following Jamie David’s photography website – – will be able to read some valuable advice on this page, regarding which cameras out there are the best choice when tackling moving subjects, such as in the situations encountered when photographing wildlife or sports action.

One of the most important aspects that photographers, both novice and experienced, need to understand is the fact that the camera itself will not compensate for any human factor error. Therefore, picking the right one for the job is only half of the process itself, with the rest remaining in the hands of the photographer himself.

Having said that, almost all photographers are aware that in order to “freeze” or capture elements in motion, they require a camera that features a high shutter speed and increased ISO sensitivity, in order to allow them to obtain crisp and sharp images. By maintaining these two aspects in mind, one can quickly filter through existing brands and models and choose the right camera for the job.

Regardless if the photographers are aiming at digital photographs or classic, film cameras, the basics of capturing fast moving subjects are the same.

Taking into consideration the current photo market and trends from the various manufacturers, one can have a look at the two photography giants: Nikon and Canon, which both produce equally good cameras and lenses.

nikon-d5The flagship models, such as Nikon’ D5 or Canon’s 1D Mark III could be considered the most appropriate cameras for capturing high speed subjects, regardless of their nature. However, for photographers with a lower budget, mid segment cameras, such as Nikon D600 or Canon 5D Mark III are also exceptional choices when it comes to sports or wildlife photography.

Another essential step in selecting the right camera for fast moving subjects, is paring it with a “fast” lens, with a wide aperture, which allows for a lot of light to pass through, at apertures such as f2.8 or even lower, f1.8.