Equipment Information for Photography Enthusiasts

The pet photography website features a special page that is entirely devoted to passionate photographers and those who wish to involve themselves into pet photography in a more in-depth way. To this end, the pet photographer has prepared a special section, which will provide people with up-to-date information 485881-10-photography-tips-for-enthusiastsregarding the photographic techniques used, equipment and even studio props.

The strategy used by the pet photographer involves redundant systems in all of the aspects that characterize its work. Starting with the fact that he uses two main camera bodies and two pieces from every other equipment piece and ending with the fact that he even owns two cars, these facts testify to the dedication and the attention to detail emphasized by the pet photographer.

Those who wish to enter the field of pet photography must be prepared for any event that can occur prior, during or after the photoshoot, hence the redundancy scheme.

Regarding the actual photo equipment used, the pet photographer owns two full-frame DSLRs, latest generation, each featuring magnesium alloy body and numerous enhancements that can make the difference when trying to access a particular feature. To complement its DSLR bodies, an array of 10 lenses, both primes and zooms, constitute the “glass” arsenal that is used in order to achieve the beautiful pet photographs.

“Why 10 lenses?”, one might ask. And the answer is that versatility is the key word when photographing animals. If one needs a particular fixed focal length lens, all that he or she need to do is reach the lens bag and mount that lens. If the scene changes or there are different props brought in, the pet photographer must be prepared with another lens, let’s say a wide-angle lens, for capturing a more comprehensive angle.

These are just some of the tips and hints that the pet photographer offers with regard to his gear. Those who wish to find out even more are invited to purchase the dedicated tutorials.