Events and News for Everybody

A pet photographer has a busy schedule almost all the time and in order to get a hold of them, people are advised to consult the web page, where detailed information about past and future events is shared, as well as certain aspects which can be consphotography-lensidered to constitute relevant news.

All the photography can be easily sorted in accordance with the time they were hosted and special search filters can be added in order to increase the searching efficiency of those who wish to reach a specific event and do not have time to search for it manually. Therefore, parameters such as the name of the event, number of persons who attended the event, pets photographed, equipment used and photoshoot duration, can all be used in order to either search through the available events or sort them.

Once a preferred event has been identified, people will be able to click on it in order to visualize preliminary information or open it in a new browser instance in order to view all the in-depth details about that particular entry.

In hindsight of past experiences, the pet photography allows its users to visualize only five events simultaneously, as in the past, the occurrence of more instances per user account lead to the crash of the hosting server. Therefore, the pet photographer wishes to thank everyone for understanding this minor constraint, which is only present because of technical reasons.

Other than that, the event database, which stretches for more than 10 years, can be also queried, using basic syntax constructs, with operators such as “SELECT”, “FROM”, “OR”, “AND”, etc., their use being quite advantageous when trying to select multiple events that fulfill a particular set of criteria. In case people need guidance on how to construct their queries, they can make use of the incorporated help menu or contact the website owner using the dedicated, contact page.