Learn Pet Photography Yourself

For those who wish to learn more about pet photography, this website will put at their disposal several video and image tutorials, which are aimed at helping people understand pet photography much easier and, why not, start their own pet photography venture. The pet photographer has managed to gather a download-10multitude of useful advice and tips in the course of time and this collection of tutorials is the sum total of all that experience.

As with the photographs from the gallery page, all tutorials can be purchased and people will be able to use the same, straightforward, cart system. Each tutorial features a 2 minute preview time, which is offered in order for users to be able to get an idea of the contents of the video tutorial. For image tutorials, those who are interested, will be able to preview the first 5 images of each tutorial, this way being able to grasp the overall idea presented in that particular tutorial.

Several topics are addressed regarding pet photography, some of which include:

  • General pet photography information:

the “why”, “where” and “what” of pet photography.

  • Choosing a specific pet for photography:

hints and tips for specializing into photographing a particular animal.

  • Preparing the props in the studio:

pointers for how to establish the environment that serves as the studio.

  • Selecting one or more cameras:

detailed information about how to select a camera for pet photography and which producers and models to choose.

  • Going past the studio and into the PC:

image processing for novices who wish to obtain the most out of their pet photographs.

  • Make a living out of pet photography:

instructions, tips and tricks about how to monetize the pet photography and enter the corresponding business sector with flying colors.

All of the above video tutorials are also offered in a condensed form, through the image collage tutorials, which are best for visualizing “on-the-fly”, on mobile and tablet devices.