Pet Photography – A Gallery of Moving Images

Just as with the events and news database, the pet photography website features the pet photographer’s portfolio, which can serve as a good example for those who wish to become acquainted with the idiosyncrasies of pet photographdownload-9y or just need some work samples in order to evaluate the photographer in order to contact them for a personalized photoshoot.

The image gallery is comprised of the results of the past and recent pet photoshoots and people are able to browse it and query it the same as with the events database. The difference is that he image gallery is offering a graphical preview of the images. Each of the pet photoshoot has its own dedicated album, whose cover is represented by the photographs that was selected as being representative for that particular photoshoot. The images can also be browsed according to other details that characterize them. For instance, users can select only images with a specific pet in them or images that were captured with a certain camera or gear.

To help them with browsing the images, the same querying interface will offer people an accessible and easy-to-use system that ensures that everyone will find the preferred pet photograph in no time. Since the image gallery features a considerable amount of photographs, users are advised to visualize only one album at a time, since selecting multiple albums for loading might use up all the available connection bandwidth and therefore result in the images failing to load completely.

Although still at its inception, the image gallery provides a purchasing feature, which will allow people to use a classic “cart” system, where they can add their preferred images in order to purchase them. The procedure is simple enough and all that one needs to do is use the “Add to cart” option, present under each photograph and select a preferred image resolution or printing medium if selecting physical prints.