Photography Courses at University : pick a course to get the career you want!

Though you can now take photos with your phone, or get pretty decent shots with a simple compact camera, photography is also an art that requires a lot of skills. From composing a shot and picking your subject to choosing a lens or working with the light, it takes years of practice to become a professional photographer. If you are considering pursuing a career in photography, doing a degree is the first step you should take. Not only will you learn technical skills, but it will also give you the opportunity the develop your eye to take memorable photos.

shutterstock_316180151Where to start

There are a lot of different fields a photographer can work in, and though the basics might be the same, they all call for different skills. Think of the differences between fashion photography, war reporting or wildlife photography. It’s not just about how to take photos, but also what conditions you want to work in and what interests you. It’s a demanding job so it’s important that you feel passionate about it. Start by researching bachelor and masters programs and see what specialties are offered in different Universities. Every program will focus on a different form of photography so you should pick one that matches the career you want afterwards.

What you will gain

Once you decided what to study, start practicing. Doing a degree in photography means your day doesn’t stop after class. To build on what your learned, you need to go out, take photos and start developing your own projects. This way, you will create a portfolio and have work to show when you finish your studies. Studying with like-minded people is also a great way to make valuable contacts for the future. Take advantage of every chance you get to make contacts, and you might start collaborations and get opportunities you would never have had otherwise!