Reaching the Pet Photographer is Easy

On the following paragraphs people will be able to find guidance on how to contact the owner of the pet photography website, establish a form of communication anddog-photography-wrangler-today-150713-eye-level-02_e1d23620fdb3efc257d2fc96e15ef817-today-inline-large transmit the preferred message.

Just like any other general website, the default contact form can serve the purpose quite well. All one nee
ds to do is provide the credentials, supply a recipient email address and input the preferred query or message. Additionally, attachments are also supported and people can send images, video clips and audio files if they consider that such content will complement their messages and queries in a relevant way.

There are two contact forms available, one for general inquiries and one for contacting the photographer in order to establish the details for a particular pet photoshoot. Guidelines on how to fill in the latter are offered in the special photoshoot page.

In addition to the default contact forms, people will be able to find several email addresses and also telephone numbers which can be used in order to establish a form of communication with the pet photographer.

Regardless of the selected contact method, users must be aware that all messages and inquiries who do not contain the keywords “pet” or “photography”, will be automatically be diverted to the spam email folders of the pet photographer. Therefore, everyone is kindly asked to include the indicated keywords, in order to ensure that their messages and inquiries will reach their destination.

Furthermore, messages which do not have a content that is relevant to the pet photography context will be ignored and those who attempt to send out such messages are asked to be aware that repeated attempts will result in blocking their sender IP addresses.

Having provided the general contact guidelines, the pet photographer invites everyone to visit the website, browse the pet image gallery, purchase a photograph and learn more about pet photography.