Set Up a Pet Photoshoot

Those who have remained impressed with the work of the pet photographer and wish to set up a personalized photoshoot for their pets or others’ pets, will be able to find all the necessary details on this dedicated page.

First and foremost, those who wish to contact the pet photographer in order to establish a meeting must use the contact page from the website. In there, they will be able to find a special, “photoshoot” form, which is destined precisely to thoenhanced-14521-1407017165-1se who wish to use the services of the pet photographer in their favor.

Before filling out the contact form, people need to be aware that there is a two-week notice period, regardless of the urgency of any pet photoshoot. This is the standard policy for all pet photography services offered and the pet photographer does not make any exceptions.

Provided that they adhere to the two-week notice policy, users will then be required to send the following details in the contact form:

  • The name and physical characteristics of the pet that is to be photographed (name, breed, gender, height, weight, etc.)
  • The theme of the photoshoot and the expected outcome (is there a special theme that needs to be attained?)
  • The availability for the photoshoot (maybe the customer has a particular period in mind for the pet photography session)
  • Pet photography record (does the pet have and undergoing history of past photography sessions?)
  • The fee/charge offer that the client is ready to provide (this is subjected to later alterations and the pet photographer will allow for negotiation)
  • The preferred payment method (the client will have to decide on the payment method; currently, the website supports credit card, PayPal and wire transfer payment methods)
  • Last but not least, the preferred image quality settings and printing medium, if this is applicable.