For those who are already familiarized with photography in general, as well as for those who are just entering this wonderful field, pet photography is a sort of portrait photography. “But what does portrait photography mean?”, some might ask. The answer to that question and more will be offered in the following paragraphs, which people are invited to read if they wish to learn more about pet photography.

Simply put, pet photography is a mix between portrait photography and wildlife photography, just that the animals that are being photographed aren’t wild and the scenery is almost always prepared in either a studio or other establishments. Portrait photography because the animals are most likely prepared, arranged and sometimes even fixed into certain positions, in order to achieve the preferred shot. The obvious must be stated, that animals aren’t forced in any way and that all the positions that need to be attained for a particular frame are constructed with care and attention to the requirements of each particular animal.

The same as with human portraits, pet photography is almost exclusively carried out in studios, because there the lighting conditions and the surrounding environment can be controlled much easier than the outdoor conditions. For some, speaking of animals and portraits could sound bizarre and difficult to picture, but in general, animal portraits are just as equally expressive as the ones depicting humans. Furthermore, working with animals, especially those who have received prior training, is also easy when compared to humans, simply because the animals will be easy to manipulate in the required position.

For those who wish to get an idea of the usefulness of pet photography, a simple exercise of memory can do the trick. There are literally dozens of commercial applications that require stills of beautiful pets and most of those who come to mind are advertisements and commercials for various products.